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World renowned Chef Julian Serrano has gone viral! The undisputed and continued success of his two leading restaurants in Las Vegas, Picasso and Julian Serrano Spanish Tapas, are a reflection of this executive master chef's pursuit for quality, consistency and high standards. Chef Julian Serrano, who recently lead a Bravo's Top Chef team, a prominent cooking show, to victory, continues to excel in everything he touches. His magic touch
consistently produces unforgettable flavors and displays, which makes all of us keep coming back for more. Chef Julian Serrano's brand goes above and beyond just the best food and service one can expect...

Chef Julian Serrano is proud to announce the launch of ChefBoutiques.com, where high quality chef uniforms for all ages and more can be found. ChefBoutiques.com will continue Chef Julian Serrano's tradition of high quality products and second-to-none customer service…the true Boutique experience for everyone - from the novice to the truly professional as well as front of house personnel.


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